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Consider a career in banking


A career in banking can be incredibly professionally and personally rewarding. Bankers are responsible for providing financial advice and services to clients, as well as helping them manage and invest their money. Bankers also build relationships with their clients, providing daily customer service, celebrating milestones and providing the services required for financial success. At Bank Independent our team members continuously make a positive difference for clients and communities throughout North Alabama.

What Kind of Roles are Available in Banking?

Depending on your understanding of finance, economics, accounting, and other business-related disciplines, you can be very successful in the field of Banking. It also helps to have a solid work ethic, excellent organizational skills and a passion for customer service. Many bankers get their start with a degree in business or finance, and sometimes a professional license. Others gain work experience through entry level positions and pursue a career development path. The following is just a small sampling of roles involved in banking:

Bank Tellers:

This role is usually the frontline team member responsible for handling customer transactions, such as deposit and withdrawals. They develop excellent customer service skills and help connect customers with the products and services offered by the Bank.

Relationship Bankers:

Relationship Bankers can help customers open accounts, provide advice and help clients make decisions about products and services. They are very customer service-oriented, helping customers troubleshoot problems and find the best solutions for their needs.

Sales Managers:

This role has the primary focus of helping build successful teams to serve the customers of the Bank. Sales Managers coach and develop team members and ensure they have the resources they need for their career development path.

Treasury Solutions Sales Officers:

This role sells the Bank’s services to businesses and customers in the community. They build compelling opportunities to bring in business accounts to the Bank through industry-specific case studies, calculations and fact sheets.

Loan Officers:

This role evaluates, recommends and authorizes the approval of loans to Bank Customers. Banks offer a variety of loans from small, unsecured personal loans to larger commercial loans. The Loan Officer ensures customers are matched and approved for the right loan to fit their needs.

Loan Processors:

This role makes sure the loan applications and documentation are submitted to the Bank for approval. Their due diligence ensures everything is in order and all signatures are secured.


The accounting role reviews all finance documentation and information for accuracy and prepares reports to reflect all financial assets and liabilities.

Customer Service:

The customer service role is key to providing Bank customers a stellar customer experience. A Customer Service rep is well versed in all of the Bank’s products and services as well as hours, locations and frequently asked questions.


Marketing is made up of various roles which help promote the Bank’s products and services as well as community engagement activities with the public.

Human Resources:

The Bank has a dedicated Human Resources department to hire and retain excellent talent, submit proper paperwork to ensure benefits and payroll are processed in a timely manner, and to manage internal promotions.

Information Technology:

The Bank, every customer and every team member relies on the expert knowledge and support of the Information Technology department to ensure the reliability and security of both information and equipment.

What are the Benefits to a Career in Banking with Bank Independent?

Our highly competitive compensation and benefits package is one of the best in our market. In fact, our leadership team has made protecting our employee benefits package one of our organization's highest priorities. We provide our team members the resources, training and tools they need to grow personally and professionally plus opportunities to make a positive difference in the world.

Bank Independent exists to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, neighbors and team members by:

  • Combining the bend-over-backwards customer service we've provided since 1947 with cutting-edge banking technology and services that are unexpected in a community bank. 
  • Reinvesting in economic development; committing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to scholarships, local sponsorships and donations; and through community events, quarterly collection drives and our employees' paid volunteer time. 
  • Hiring and taking great care of our 500+ team members though market-leading benefits, a highly-respected and comfortable culture and plenty of promotion and growth opportunities.

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Bank Independent does not endorse, nor is responsible for the content in the linked 3rd party websites. Bank Independent's privacy policies do not apply to these linked websites.