Have you thought about investing in a CD?

Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of financial advice to invest your savings. That is sage advice, but a bit vague. There are many options available out there with varying degrees of risk. It all depends on your financial goals and how much risk you can tolerate. If you prefer low risk to earn reward, a fixed term CD might be the right investment opportunity for you.

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Think Big! Start Small. Get Organized for the New Year

If you want big results, sometimes you need to focus on the small details. The new year is an excellent time to begin and refine new goals. The best way to achieve goals is to get organized.

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Why Banks Are Now Asking Businesses About Beneficial Ownership

On May 11, 2018, a new rule went into effect that requires financial institutions to gather additional information from legal entity (business) customers. The Certification Regarding Beneficial Owners of Legal Entity Customers requirement, or "Beneficial Ownership" for short, was created to help government and law enforcement fight money laundering and terrorism by identifying exactly who benefits from a company's revenue and who actually controls the goings-on within the business.

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6 Tips for Your Financial Spring Cleaning


As we celebrate the spring season by cleaning, sorting and tidying up around the house, why not add financial organization to your spring cleaning to-do list? 

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Taking On the Top Tax Scams of 2018

The bad guys just LOVE tax season.

This year, they've been busy coming up with lots of new ways to get their greedy hands on our hard-earned refunds.

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5 Super-Quick Ways To Observe National Consumer Protection Week

It seems like there's a week for everything these days. National Pickle-Eating Week. International Pencil-Sharpening Week. Train Your Dog To Jump Rope Week.

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Why We Share With Our Shelters


Giving back to the communities we serve has been a mission of Bank Independent since our founding in 1947. It was this commitment that led to the formation of our quarterly "Share" drives, in which we offer our 27 sales offices as convenient drop-off locations for folks who want to donate to local organizations across north Alabama.

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What You Need to Know About Meltdown and Spectre 


Meltdown and Spectre.

Care to guess what these two words represent? They're not rock bands, and they're not new Marvel villains ready to face off with the Avengers. (Disclaimer: Ok, so my Marvel-ous coworkers have corrected me; there are actually some minor Marvel characters named Meltdown and Spectre.  These aren't them.)

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Sharing Toys, Sharing Joy This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all recently stuffed ourselves on turkey, shopped for deals during Black Friday, and wept with tears of joy or sorrow (depending on who you root for) while watching the Iron Bowl. With those fall moments behind us, the holiday season has officially begun!

We here at Bank Independent love the giving season, and we need your help to make it our best yet.

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Why We're Thankful

Family, friends, our health, a roof over our heads and a meal on our table...it's not difficult to come up with reasons we are thankful this holiday season. At Bank Independent, our Helping Hands program reminds us throughout the year of not only these blessings, but also those in our community who may not share them.

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