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Simplifying Your Banking Experience: Explore Bank Independent's Sync Products

Sync-Mobile-UpdateAt Bank Independent, we're committed to making managing your finances as effortless as possible. That's why we've developed a suite of innovative products under our "Sync" umbrella, designed to streamline your banking experience like never before. From mobile apps to cutting-edge ATM technology, our Sync digital products cater to your modern needs. Let's take a closer look at each of these offerings:

  1. Sync Mobile App:

With our Sync Mobile app, you can carry your bank with you wherever you go. This intuitive app provides you with a range of features, including:

  • Account Management: Easily view balances, transaction history, and pending transactions.
  • Transfer Funds: Seamlessly move money between accounts or to other Bank Independent customers.
  • Bill Pay: Pay bills quickly and securely with just a few taps.
  • Mobile Deposit: Deposit checks anytime, anywhere using your smartphone camera.
  • Card Management: Activate or deactivate debit or credit cards for added security.
  • With the Sync Mobile app, you have complete control over your finances.
  1. Sync Online:

For times when you prefer managing finances from the comfort of your desktop or laptop, Sync Online offers a robust solution. With features similar to the mobile app, Sync Online provides:

  • 24/7 Access: Access your accounts whenever you need to, without being limited by banking hours.
  • Enhanced Security: Bank with peace of mind knowing that your transactions are secure and encrypted.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set up alerts for account activity to stay informed about your finances.
  • Budgeting Tools: Track spending and set savings goals with ease.
  • Sync Online is the perfect companion for your traditional banking needs with modern conveniences.
  1. Sync ATM:

We take ATM banking to the next level with Sync ATM technology. These state-of-the-art ATMs offer more than just cash withdrawals. Features include:

  • Cash Withdrawals: Access your funds conveniently from any Bank Independent ATM.
  • Deposit Functionality: Deposit cash or checks directly into your account without visiting a branch.
  • Cardless Access: Forgot your card? No problem. Sync ATMs allow cardless transactions using Sync Mobile.

Sync ATMs combine accessibility and functionality, making everyday banking transactions a breeze.

  1. Sync ATM Live:

Jackson-Place-Sync-Live-ATMRedefining the ATM experience, Sync ATM Live brings the human touch to self-service banking. With Sync ATM Live, you can:

  • Connect with a Bank Representative with Sync Interactive Teller: Have questions or need assistance? Simply press the video call button to speak with a teller.
  • Remote Assistance with Sync Interactive Teller: Get help with transactions, account inquiries, or even product recommendations, all from the convenience of the ATM.
  • Enhanced Security with Sync Interactive Teller: Enjoy the security of face-to-face interactions, even when using an ATM outside of banking hours.

Sync ATM Live bridges the gap between self-service banking and personalized assistance, providing you with a truly unique banking experience.

Bank Independent's Sync digital products are revolutionizing the way you interact with your finances. Whether you prefer the convenience of mobile banking, the flexibility of online banking, or the accessibility of ATM services, Sync has you covered. With a focus on innovation, security, and customer satisfaction, Bank Independent is leading the way in modern banking solutions. Experience the future of banking today with Sync.

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Bank Independent does not endorse, nor is responsible for the content in the linked 3rd party websites. Bank Independent's privacy policies do not apply to these linked websites.