Think Big! Start Small. Get Organized for the New Year


If you want big results, sometimes you need to focus on the small details. The new year is an excellent time to begin and refine new goals. The best way to achieve goals is to get organized.

Organize your space

You’ve heard the saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Put that saying into action by organizing your work space. Whether it is the place you drop your work bag, or the folder where you file your pet’s veterinary invoices, be consistent. Establishing good habits by returning items where they belong will re-enforce muscle memory for everyday tasks and keep your environment orderly.

Refresh and revamp your filing system with new, color-coded folders. Create your most useful categories, for example, Household, Financial and Clients, so that your filing system is separate and distinct. Avoid the temptation to order files by frequency of use, but rather, organize your files alphabetically instead. You’ll ensure finding exactly what you need in exactly the right place.

Organize your thoughts

We all know someone who has excellent and instantaneous recall of time, place and important events. But the odds are that person is neither you nor me. When memory fails, or is at least susceptible to fault, rely on a tried and true method; write it down.

Make to-do lists daily and remember to check items off once they are successfully completed. If there is a task you didn’t get to, move it to the next day and keep it on your list until the task is complete. Post it notes. Notebooks. Task Lists. Tracking apps. Go for the tactile or the hi-tech method of choice. Or choose both. Just be consistent about writing down your thoughts, plans and obligations. These small steps will pay huge dividends when it comes to organizing your life.

Organize your time

It’s difficult to keep track of work, personal and family calendars. It doesn’t matter if you prefer paper calendars or digital, simplify things by keeping one central calendar. Utilize different ink colors to differentiate between people or categories. A master view of all your obligations will allow for more efficient use of your time.

Review your calendar frequently and insert reminders and notifications prior to due dates. Take the time to transcribe any important obligations to your to-do list. Someone’s birthday is coming up soon? Add "buy flowers" to your task list. You have soccer practice this Tuesday? Write down a reminder it’s your turn to bring snacks for the team. Save yourself frustration by noting all the small details that make the dates on your calendar so important.

Organize your future

Keep your eyes on both the big picture and the small steps along the way. Establish your goals, long-term and short, being as bold and descriptive as possible. Come back to your goal list throughout the year, noting your successes. If you haven’t met your goal continue to keep it on the top or your task list as motivation. Consider how best to meet your goals and what resources you need to apply.

The number one resource to achieving a goal is often financial. Forecast your year and be proactive in planning your finances. Be a step ahead of next year’s taxes by organizing receipts and statements. Actively detail your expenditures and deposits and keep track of your savings and investments. Online banking and mobile apps make staying on top of your personal finance easier than ever.

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Bank Independent does not endorse, nor is responsible for the content in the linked 3rd party websites. Bank Independent's privacy policies do not apply to these linked websites.